Video Rewind: How to pick locks and escape handcuffs

Toronto’s Sector conference just wrapped up another year, and computer security entrepreneurs and experts are going home with lots to think about.

Physical security is just one of those many topics. Just because these guys live in a world of malware and SQL injection attacks, that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate the importance of a good lock. This year’s conference included both an exhibition floor booth dedicated to the art of lockpicking and a session teaching attendees how to do it themselves.

But this lock-picking isn’t meant to be used for nefarious purposes. It applies the hacker approach to real-world physical security – if you can break it, then somebody else can break it. Learning more about locks and how they can be busted can be helpful in choosing the right type and brand of lock for the job.

At last year’s Sector, Schuyler Towne, a lock-picking champion, showed how he can bypass several different varieties of lock. So don’t use these if he lives in your neighbourhood.

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