Video Rewind: Dell’s rugged tablet stands up to punishment

Apple’s launch of the iPad 2 tablet yesterday caught a lot of attention online and reaffirmed the company’s dominance in the tablet market.

The iPad 2 is an upgrade that competes well against other tablets coming into the market later this year that will run on Android Honeycomb, Web OS, and BlackBerry’s new QNS OS. It has a faster processor, two cameras that equip it for video conferencing, a software upgrade that comes with new applications, and high-resolution video output capability. But the form factor is still pretty much the same as the last iPad, just slimmed down and a bit lighter.

That sort of fragile form factor doesn’t suit everyone. If you are looking for a tablet computer that stands up to outdoor, work site style conditions, you’ll want something that can survive the elements. Whether it be a bit of rain, an accidental drop, or a seriously dusty environment, Dell’s Latitude XT2 tablet is made to endure those conditions. Check out our video review of this rugged device from July 9, 2010.

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