Video Rewind: Ariana Huffington’s advice on BlackBerry use – in bed

With the news the Research in Motion is considering raising the curtain on its BlackBerry Messenger program and porting it to other platforms, even more mobile device users may soon be addicted to BBM.

Users of the instant messaging program are well aware of the stimululi it delivers to constantly pump the brain’s reward centre. Not only do you know when your message has been delivered to your target recipient’s device, but you also know when they’ve read it and when they’re in the process of typing back a reply. It take thes concept of instant gratification to a whole new level. So it’s no wonder that some people may find it difficult to put their devices down.

On a trip to Toronto in February 2010, Ariana Huffington talks about the need to separate ourselves from technology every now and then – like when we go to bed. Here’s a video from the archvie:

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