Video game consumption up 46 per cent – but revenue stalls

Canadian video game consumption continues to skyrocket but that hasn’t necessarily translated into revenue, a new study finds.

Canadians acquired more than 77.6 million games for various devicesduring the six months prior to February, a jump of 46 per cent from thesame six-month period a year earlier, according to NPD Group data reported by CBCtoday.

Yet the video game industry saw its revenues rise by just four percentover the same time frame, NPD found. That’s because free gaming contentcontinues to increase as a trend: free gaming downloads made up 58 percent of total video game acquisitions, up from 45 per cent a yearearlier.

There was also a six per cent slump in sales of new games on discs andcartridges, suggesting that online gaming is growing evenmore.

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