With cannabis legalization today, Canadians will notice that the “personal devices” market just got a bit bigger.

Vapium, a Canadian company specializing in cannabis technology, launched its Vapium Lite cannabis vaporizer on Oct. 3. It’s just one of many devices that you might mistake for some sort of smart home gadget. It even charges up via a USB-C connection.

Designed as a portable vaporizer for beginner users and medical patients, the Vapium Lite weighs 0.19 lbs and holds 0.33 grams of cannabis in its chamber.

The vaporizer delivers vapor by using its ceramic conduction oven to burn dry grounded cannabis. Users can adjust the strength of the burn by altering between eight temperature levels. Powered using a 1,100 mAh rechargeable battery, the Vapium Lite can last 12 sessions on a full charge.

The vape uses a clean air intake filter to keep out particles that could lessen the taste of the smoke as you inhale. Its vapor path is constructed from medical grade Silicone and Polycarbonate, while the exterior shell is crafted with anodized aluminum.

As a direct draw vaporizer, users can either inhale directly through the included mouthpiece or attach it to a compatible water pipe.

Accessories include the USB-C charging cable, cleaning brush, an extra air intake filter, and a glass mouthpiece.

The Vapium Lite is available now through the Vapium store or at standard retailers for $99. Looks like gadget nerds have one more set of specs to familiarize themselves with.

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