Vancouver mobile game startup gives back to community

Vancouver gaming startup Pepperdev Studios is using the power of crowdfunding to raise funds for a local hospital. The studio launched the fund raiser following the lunach of its first title: Hungry Fins.

After release of the game, Pepperdev Studios will donate a portion of its revenue to the BC Children’s Hospital.

The kid-friendly game is currently in full development stage. Beyond just an iPhone game, Hungry Fins is looking to produce a brand that entertains children and adults alike.

It seemed like the perfect opportunity, having grown up in Vancouver, to give back to the community through a partnership with The BC Children’s Hospital, according to a Pepperdev statement.

The Pepperdev team launched a crowd-funding project through Kickstarter to help raise the final funds to complete this project. Pepperdev Studios is currently a non-revenue generating organization with each member volunteering his or her time and expertise.

Kickstarter has become a useful tool to fund projects.

The Pepperdev team is confident in the creative talent behind Hungry Fins and the immense benefit the project could have for those in their community who are less fortunate.

The Pepperdev team consists of: Mark Brown, Devon Drumm, Kim Voll, Ryan Harris and Ben Lamb.


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