Valve’s secret to HR success

Valve Corp. is well known for the phenomenal success of its games but its unorthodox management structure has largely remained a mystery – until now.

After a copy of Valve’s employee handbook was leaked online this pastspring, a lot of light was finally shed on the video game firm’srumoured ‘flat’ corporate hierarchy. The handbook confirmed that thereis indeed no formal hierarchy and there are no official job titles foranyone who works at the company, creator of the game series Half Life,Day of Defeat, Counter-Strike and Portal.

Now the folks at OnlineMBAhave made a cute, quirky little videoneatly summarizing the key points of Valve’s HR approach so anycompany could use them as tips.

Included among the gems in this video: the fact that Valve “operateswith no managers, no bosses and no required scrum meetings,” encouragesall staff to spend time talking to other people they work with (inmeetings, the elevator, the kitchen and yikes, even the bathroom), andthat it follows the credo that “hiring well is the most important thingin the universe.”

Source | OnlineMBA

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