Upverter makes electrical design social

It seems like almost every niche community is getting its own social networking site lately, and now electrical engineers or DIY soldering-iron wielding enthusiasts can count themselves among that crowd.

Upverter is different though in that this Toronto-based firm isn’t just offering another version of Facebook. At its core is a cloud-based electrical schematic design tool that is just as easy to work in and collaborate with as Google Docs.

Upverter’s product demonstration.

Engineers create schematic designs in a tool that has a huge database of existing electronic components and store it on Upverter’s servers. Others can then see those designs to get inspiration for their own hardware designs, or to find a solution to a problem they couldn’t crack. The tool supports simultaneous collaboration so engineers can work on the same design together, on different computers.

Upverter offers open source accounts for free, or accounts that allow you to keep private designs starting at $99 per month or a flex user plan at $5 per hour. Brian Bloom spoke with CEO Zak Homuth in this article on our sister site, IT World Canada.

Source | IT World Canada

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