Android users can now create and consume the six-second looping videos that Vine has become known for.

The Twitter-owned social network that encourages users to create and share short, looping videos complete with audio was previously only available as an iOS app. But it can now be installed to Android devices using Google Play. The app allows users to do the same things as the iOS app, exploring videos and connecting with friends. It also supports a zoom feature unique to Android.

The app doesn’t yet have the ability to share videos (or “Vines” rather) on Facebook or take videos with front-facing cameras, but those features will come in future updates, according to Twitter’s blog post.

Vine has enjoyed some success since launching Jan. 24. After two months, it had attracted 100 million monthly active users. It hit the number one free app in iTunes App Store in April.

Here’s an example of a Vine video:

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