Tutoring start-up launches from Ryerson DMZ

The latest company to benefit from the assistance and resources of Ryerson University’s Digital Media Zone (DMZ) officially launched Friday – online learning forum Rayku.com.

Billed as the world’s first online market-driven platform for accessible tutoring, Rayku.com seeks to connect students looking for help with classes with qualified tutors. Tutors can log in and work at their leisure, setting their own rates within a cap based on the feedback of their students. Students can read reviews and look for tutors with expertise in the subjects they need help with, and at a price-point they’re comfortable with.

The Rayku.com web interface includes a whiteboard, plus video and text chat.

In addition to the marketplace, Rayku.com also provides the online environment where the tutoring sessions take place, including an online whiteboard, video and web chat. It’s also an on-demand service. Tutors can log in when they’re available, and students can browse from available tutors for immediate help.

The company was founded by Donny Ouyang, a University of Toronto student who was named one of Vancouver Magazine Top 10 Under 20 and beat out for more 5,000 nominees to become the 2010 Global Student Entrepreneur of the Year. The company closed a $360,000 angel financing round last month.

Rayku.com founder and CEO Donny Ouyang (CNW Group/Raytu.com).

“We are the e-Bay of tutoring, allowing tutors to set their own fees, and students to select a tutor based on price and quality,” said Ouyang, in a statement. “Students can be instantly matched with the best tutor right at the moment when they need help and only for as long as it takes to solve their question. This saves students time and money, while getting them the help they need.”

Source | Rayku.com

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