Tougher Gorilla Glass to debut a CES next week

If you’ve ever dropped your smartphone and time seemed to slow as you watched it plummet to the ground, but then gasped with relief when you picked it up unbroken, then you probably have Corning Inc.’s Gorilla Glass to thank for its nearly indestructible quality.

Now the firm, based in Corning, N.Y., is set to release the next version of its product at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week. Used in many smartphones and tablet screens by manufacturers including Samsung and Asus, Corning has tapped a fast-growing market beyond lunch Tupperware and is looking to keep it cornered. The CES booth will be showing off the durability of Gorilla Glass 3 and featuring it on larger displays with touch capability.

Corning says its new glass is tougher than ever. (Image: Corning Inc.)

The new glass panels are said to be three times more scratch resistant than its predecessor, have 50 per cent increase in retained strength once a flaw is suffered, and a 40 per cent reduction in the scratches that do make a mark. Mobile device users can expect to start seeing those durability screen improvements on their devices later in 2013.

Corning has found another use for its glass in electronic gadgets beyond screens. It will also be showcasing its new fibre optic cable, including a Thunderbolt Optical Cable for use with Apple devices.

Source | Corning Inc.

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