Toronto’s CN Tower is using virtual reality to market itself, while stepping into the world of digital tourism.

The CN Tower Viewfinder mobile app, launched Tuesday, allows users to interact with the 360-degree panoramic views of its lookout level from anywhere in the world.

“As a Canadian icon, we are always looking to expand our digital engagement with our guests from all corners of the world,” Joanne Pawlicki, director of marketing and communications at the CN Tower, said in a statement.

The app is being touted as the first and only attraction in Canada to offer a virtual reality observation experience from 346 metres up.

By downloading the app, people can experience the Toronto skyline from anywhere in the world, and identify more than 90 landmarks or points of interest including architecture, entertainment and geography.

The app is a collaboration with Fuzz Productions, a mobile product agency based in Brooklyn, New York, and uses the phone’s internal sensors to position visitors at a specific location on the observation deck, and provide a virtual view of the city based on wherever they’re virtually standing.

“Fuzz couldn’t be more excited to work with the CN Tower on a 3D immersive experience in the new Viewfinder app. It both enhances the CN Tower visitor’s experience as a digital tour guide to the Toronto skyline, and allows everyone around the world to enjoy the incredible views from the CN Tower right on their mobile,” CEO and co-founder of Fuzz, Nat Trienans, said in a statement.

The Toronto attraction is hoping the virtual reality app will pair well with its newly renovated observation deck and existing Experience app, which offers maps and tips to visitors. Time will tell if the tower’s latest digital gamble pays off though.

The Viewfinder app is available on IPhone and Android in five different languages.

Check out a video of the app in action below:

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