Toronto start-up aggregates social, online conversations on one platform

Toronto-based start-up Engagio has announced several key enhancements to its Social Inbox offering that aims to make the platform a tool for social conversation search and discovery.

Launched early in 2012, Engagio began with a “unified Gmail-like inbox to allow users to manage conversations from different social networks and comment platforms. Today, Engagio announced users can now search threaded discussions and online comments from 14 sources including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Disqus, YouTube, StackExchange, StockTwits, Angel List and Foursquare. And for social media/comment monitoring, e-mail alerts can also be set up.

“This rounds-up our evolution from a starting point of helping users to manage their own social interactions (Inbox), to following their friends’ interactions (Dashboard), and now to searching and discovering “any” conversations by topic, keyword or person”, says William Mougayar, Engagio’s CEO and founder, in a statement. “The way we display search results is innovative. We reveal the people and sites behind any given search results. This helps users to identify potential influencers in the topics they are interested in. We also reveal the communities that are discussing these subjects, enabling users to join these conversations and connect with the right people.”

To date, Engagio claims it has indexed 30 million comments from over six million people on 14 networks and 85,000 sites. It has updated the user interface, and has launched an HTML5-based Mobile Web application for iPhone and Android devices.

Source | Engagio

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