Toronto firm launches digital 3D content store

Back in June, toured the Toronto offices of Spatial View Inc. and previewed its 3D content store for the iPhone. Now its store, 3DeeCentral, has been unveiled Sept. 15 at the 3D Entertainment Summit in Los Angeles.

Like an App Store for purely 3D content, Spatial View will offer up both free and paid-for content for a range of mobile devices and PCs. The content is rendered autostereoscopic 3D, meaning you don’t need to wear glasses to get the 3D effect. This is enabled by a thin filter placed in front of a device’s screen.

Content providers at launch include Telcast, Passmore Labs, Videmnsio, Lo Coloco Films and Big I entertainment. Spatial View’s technology includes built-in digital rights management and will automatically format content to fit the display on the device in use.

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