Apple Inc.’s annual developers conference conquered Twitter trends and tech news headlines all over the world. It unveiled its latest OS for iPhones, iPod touches, and iPads and amidst a curious crowd at the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC). Important updates include new icons, a new voice for Siri, and new camera app among others. Let’s take a bite into Apple’s new iOS 7 features.

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  • Jean

    Could care less about what Apple haters think. I love apple products and this is a nice article.

    • Wolston Lobo

      Thank you.

    • dezi

      Of course you do… and you’re entitled to believe in any religion you chose

  • gisabun

    If these are the best eight enhancements, Apple has a problem. Of course Safari will be updated, it needs it. Siri and a male voice? That’s major?

    • Wolston Lobo

      Agreed. Plummeting Apple stocks too are pointing out to reality.