Graphics accelerators going to 3D as memory debate rages
2/22/1996 ATI tried to lead the industry in moving from Fast Page Mode DRAM to Extended Data Out (EDO).

ATI hopes DVD will be a 3D Rage
10/20/1997 The motion compensation capabilities of the company’s Rage Pro chip allowed DVD content to be played through a PC using software rather than incorporating DVD hardware.

ATI picks up Tseng Labs
10/50/1998 The company acquires a U.S. competitor to help meet the growing demand of its OEM customers.

ATI accelerates to market lead
6/1/1998 After four years of financial losses, the company bounces back in a big way with a profit of $47.7 million on revenues of $602.8 million.

ATI talks up tier-two OEMs
3/12/1999 The company stretches its wings, going beyond household names to work directly with white box vendors.

ATI takes on Intel in low-end chip market
5/28/1999 The firm developed an integrated logic chipset for inexpensive PCs and Internet television set-top boxes to compete with Intel’s 810 integrated chipset.

Internet appliances trigger new strategies for ATI, S3
3/24/2000 In an attempt to cash in on the dot-com boom, ATI spends US$400 million to buy Silicon Valley-based ArtX – a move that will expand its portfolio from PCs to game consoles, Web terminals and other “e-appliances.”

ATI’s Radeon chip key to recovery
7/28/2000 After losses in its third quarter, the company launched one of its most popular products, aimed at the enthusiast segment.

ATI welcomes aboard new CFO, VPs
11/30/2000 The arrival of David Orton, along with new heads of marketing and HR, signal a major changing of the guard.

ATI sets sights on integrated chips4/19/2002 The company makes waves at CeBit with a product roadmap aimed at Intel and AMD.

ATI faces possible insider trading inquiry
12/16/2002 OSC allegations lead to the company’s own review of governance practices, though K.Y. Ho is eventually exonerated.

ATI channel plan goes global
11/18/2003 A healthier market sees the company offer its partners more flexibility around market development funds.

Newsmaker: David Orton, CEO, ATI Technologies
12/16/2004 The chipmaker’s success puts him on CDN’s annual list of movers and shakers.

Mobile graphics sees its Vista
3/16/2006 Like its competitor Nvidia, ATI makes plans for its next big market opportunity — around the next version of Windows.


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