In the upcoming July/August issue, EDGE magazine investigates the differences between failed and successful e-marketplaces and the supply chain’s Next Big Thing: radio frequency identification. In September, EDGE takes on the touchy subject of ERP licensing and looks at some of

the creative alternatives on offer.

Building on the success of the first executive breakfast event in June, the EDGE Breakfast Series continues in October with a morning event called When Outsourcing Becomes Smartsourcing. Watch for more details.

Contact: Martin Slofstra mslofstra@itbusiness.ca


Technology In Government

This week, TIG publishes a special supplement looking at the recent surge of activity in municipal e-government. The section will fear a number of case studies, a panel discussion at the recent MISA event and a Q&A with the head of IT security with the City of Ottawa, which is hosting the upcoming municipal IT security event following this year’s GTEC. The supplement will appear online on June 30.

Contact: Kathleen Sibley ksibley@itbusiness.ca


IT Business Report

The last IT Business Report of the year prints in September. Technology for Growth will focus on IT resources for small and medium businesses and how to use them.

Contact: Dave Webb dwebb@itbusiness.ca


Communications & Networking

Internet Protocol version 6 provides far more IP addresses than version 4. Ipv6 also provides additional features for mobility and security. Find out more about IPv6 in the July issue of Communications & Networking, which also includes a feature article on remote access and a case study on a Quebec insurance company’s use of IP telephony. Also watch for the August issue, which includes a feature on broadband wireless.

Contact: Greg Meckbach gmeckbach@itbusiness.ca

Sales contact for all the above: Brad McBride bmcbride@itbusiness.ca

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