On-demand onsite technical support service TickTockTech has formed a partnership with CyberGood Security to become the exclusive provider and installer for HackSweep, a cyber alarm system and monitoring service that provides live 24/7 protection from different types of cyber threats. 

With remote workers accessing company data away from the office, hackers have more entry points into a company’s network than ever before. HackSweep has been designed to protect both home users and small and medium businesses (SMBs) from ransomware, malware, phishing attacks, and other emerging cyber threats by implementing a multi-layered approach to cybersecurity, protecting the entire network. 

“The service is available all across Canada and the company does not have any plans to extend it to regions outside of Canada at the moment,” Miguel, a spokesperson for TickTockTech, told itbusiness.ca

As part of the HackSweep service delivery, certified security experts monitor and secure home, office, and cloud environments around the clock using technology to detect incidents in real-time. They analyze network activity and immediately respond to cyber threats, ensuring business continuity. 

“With a ransomware attack occurring every 11 seconds, and one in four SMBs falling victim to it, there couldn’t be a better time to partner with CyberGood to provide their premium HackSweep service to small businesses and work-from-home employees,” said Micah Lauret, chief executive officer of TickTockTech, in a July 7 press release. 

TickTockTech’s website offers the HackSweep service at CA$37.50 a month per endpoint.


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