Shopify says that three of its top executives are leaving the e-commerce giant.

The company’s chief technology officer, chief legal officer and chief talent officer are exiting Shopify because of “individual reasons,” Shopify’s chief executive officer Tobias Lutke noted in an April 14 blog post.

“What was unanimous with all three was that this was the best for them and the best for Shopify,” Lutke wrote. “Each of them has completed 2-3 tours of duty in their careers at Shopify.”

Jean-Michel Lemieux is currently the chief technology officer of Shopify, having joined the company in 2015. Prior to joining Shopify, he served as the vice-president of engineering at the software company Atlassian and as the chief architect for Rational Team Concert, a division of IBM.

Joe Frasca, chief legal officer at Shopify, was the first lawyer the Canadian multinational e-commerce company hired around seven years ago.

“Frasca took us through the IPO and built a strong legal culture and team. We ask a lot from our lawyers and under Joe’s leadership, they were always there to ensure Shopify could maintain our speed and our level of ambition,” Lutke noted.

Brittany Forsyth joined Shopify in 2010 and has been the chief talent officer at the company since early 2019.

“99.96% of the company has been hired after her start date. All of my earliest and fondest memories of Shopify involve Brit, including taking the company public together,” Lutke wrote.

He also says the three executives will start transitioning out of their current roles over the coming months and the company’s strong bench of leaders will now step into larger roles.

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