Every year marketing technology firm Unruly releases a top 10 ranking of brands that received the most social video shares, and Samsung Corp. was the reigning champion heading into 2014.

But its run on top came to an end at the hands of a yogurt brand. Activia won more than 5.8 million shares worldwide for a video featuring Shakira and themed around World Cup soccer.

You have to credit Samsung, which still had a strong showing at number two this year. It also used the World Cup as a theme for its video content and drove almost 1 million shares between just two videos:

#Galaxy11: The Training received 538,262 shares.

#Galaxy11: The Beginning received 404,348 shares.

Other brands rounding out the top five included Nike, Coca-Cola and the NBA. Unruly’s rankings are based on the number of shares across social media channels and blogs. So while some videos might have more views, those could have come from visitors surfing to the page independently, or being driven there by an ad.

The point Unruly is making with its measure is that its much harder to get someone to actually share content rather than just hit play and watch a video. But that’s exactly the kind of engagement marketers are striving for.

Anyway, Samsung probably isn’t too broken up about going to second place in video. After all, it did manage to nab a mention in the most-retweeted tweet of all time with Ellen’s selfie stunt at the Oscars.


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