The parties, the portals, and a little bit of politics

This year’s election saw parties, bloggers and even cybersquatters make strategic use of the Web, while the future of digital content became an unexpected issue in one Toronto riding.

Blogger uses free Web tools to track political portal traffic
1/19/2006 E-commerce expert says online campaigns often ignored in elections

Canadian political parties upgrade their portals
1/10/2006 As the election draws closer, an Ottawa firm compares online campaigns here vs. those in the U.S. and U.K. Find out what the Liberals and Conservatives are doing to engage with voters

Green Party election platform to include support for open source
1/9/2006 Policy would mandate government to move away from proprietary software

Liberal fundraiser stirs up copyright controversy
1/9/2006 Critics say a dinner hosted by MP Sam Bulte but sponsored by CRIA and others could spark an unhealthy trend in lobbying. Experts discuss the conflict of interest issues. Plus: Bulte’s side of the story
Play it again, Sarmite

NDP asks cybersquatter to stop using phony URLs to redirect traffic
1/5/2006 B.C. man uses bogus domain names to campaign against Steven Harper

Election 2006 leaves technology legislation in limbo
11/28/2005 With Martin’s government near collapse, the fate of Bill C-60 and Lawful Access hangs in the balance. Legal experts tell us what to expect after Canadians hit the polls again


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