Canadian Networking Market

The Canadian networking industry has just completed a remarkable quarter. During Q1-2004, revenues from chassis switches, workgroup switches, IP Handsets, NICs, wireless access points, routers, multi-service ATM switches, and DSLAMs were 26 per cent higher than

in Q1-2003. This was not only a fabulous result, but also one that provides grounds for optimism. By virtue of being the end of the second quarter of growth in succession, it definitively signaled the end of the recession in the networking industry that began in the second quarter of 2002. (View the snapshot)

Canadian White Box Made in Canada Market

White box vendors faced two major challenges in the first quarter of 2004. The first was a slow down in federal government spending. The second factor is summarized in one word: Dell. Dell continued to be a viable force within the Canadian marketplace, as it dominated the market in the first quarter of 2004. The continued success of Dell, combined with HP’s new assembly plant, reinforced the popularity of custom-designed PCs. White Box vendors, both branded and “unbranded” face challenges in bringing products to market, especially in comparison to the market funds available by multinational vendors.

Pushing forward into 2004, many exciting ventures loom in the distance including processor developments, increased IT spending, renewed competition and new product developments.(View the snapshot)

Canadian Monitor Market

Samsung led the market in both unit shipments and revenues. Other leading vendors included Dell, ViewSonic, NEC-Mitsubishi, LG Electronics and IBM.

Due to the strong price points on the LCD models, combined with the growing demand of units, the mix is expected to favour the LCD products throughout the year.

As this occurs, revenues are expected to grow over 2003 results.

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