Terepac inks big deal for its tiny implantable Internet tags

Terepac Corp. has signed a deal to make a big volume of its tiny social media-enabled tags that can be implanted in almost everything.

The Waterloo, Ont. company said Monday that U.S.-based RockwellAutomation will help it produce large volumes of Terepac micro circuits thatcan be implanted into objects to make them uniquely identifiable andable to interact with their users on social media. The technology isdeployed incombination with radio frequency identification (RFID)technology.

Terepac did not say exactly how many of the micro circuits it will produce.

In April Terepac launched its TereTag product with a demonstrationshowing how something as simple as a hat or drink coaster can become atrackable communications device if the tag is implanted into it.

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