As Telus Corp.’s two-year plans kick in today, the wireless provider has now launched two-year plans for small businesses, which include shared nationwide minutes, shared data, and some room for roaming for companies who send employees to the U.S.

While the wireless provider announced its two-year consumer plans about two weeks ago, replacing all three-year plans, the small business plans are a new addition to the Telus roster.

Telus' two-year plans for small businesses.
Telus’ two-year plans for small businesses.

Starting at $40 for 500 shared minutes among devices in one account, some of the plans include 50 megabytes (MB) of data, 50 minutes of air time, and unlimited texting while employees are in the U.S. The other option for U.S. roaming is 200 MB of data, 200 minutes of air time, and unlimited texts.

The wireless provider also added some tweaks to its two-year consumer plans. Today Telus also announced a price cut for its higher-end data plans. Three gigabytes (GB) of data will now run customers $50, as opposed to $60, while 6 GB is priced at $75 instead of $100. The 10 GB plan is now at $100, scaled back from $150.

Telus' updated data plans for consumers.
Telus’ updated data plans for consumers.

And for customers who don’t want the unlimited talking and texting bundle added to their shared data plans, Telus rolled out three Lite plans for air time, texts, and data. Those run between $35 to $55.

As the Canadian radio-television Telecommunications Commission made new rules on contracts in June, deciding that consumers can now terminate wireless contracts after two years, Telus wasn’t the only one to announce it was switching over to two-year contracts instead of holding Canadian consumers to three years.

Earlier this month, BCE Inc. (Bell) and Rogers Communications Inc. both announced they’d also be shifting to two-year plans, with Bell rolling out its new contracts July 17, and Rogers following suit Aug. 9.

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