Telestroke, an Ontario-wide telemedicine program, will soon link Ottawa experts with patients who live in rural regions of eastern Ontario, allowing two-way real-time videoconferencing and the electronic transfer of CT images, said Kathryn Crone, program director of CareConnect. Crone, who spoke

at a recent conference, says an ongoing Telestroke project has already linked Sudbury General Hospital, North Bay General Hospital and Thunder Bay Regional Hospital with stroke specialists in Toronto Western Hospital and Sunnybrook and Women’s College Health Sciences Centre. The project is overseen by NORTH Network, one of CareConnect’s partners based at Sunnybrook.

In a January report, the NORTH Network team said that having a rotation of specialists electronically available on a 24×7 basis was a viable solution for providing care to stroke patients in “”under-serviced”” communities, such as northern communities that typically lack neurologists.

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