Telecom complaints jump by 35 per cent

Consumer complaints about Canadian telecom services rose by 35 per cent in the past year, with wireless services targeted by the bulk of unhappy customers for the fourth year in a row.

Wireless service was at issue in about 60 per cent of all complaints,according to the latest figures from the Commissioner forComplaints forTelecommunications Services (CCTS) reported in the Globe and Mail.

Billing disputes were involved in nearly 51 per cent of all complaints,followed by contract disputes in 27 per cent of cases.

Although complaints about service provider Telus dropped by 12.2 percent, Rogers Communications had a whopping 112.6 per cent rise incomplaints about its service. Bell complaints rose by 17.1 per cent.

Wireless service generated themost complaints for the fourth consecutive year. (Photo: Shutterstock)

The CCTS was created by the federal government in 2007 as anindependent body to deal with complaints between customers and serviceproviders.Over the past year, 90 per cent of all complaints filed were resolvedto the satisfaction of customers.

Source | Globeand Mail

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