Tech startups Polar Mobile, TribeHR on list of 50 most engaged workplaces

They may be young companies still growing their workforces but Canadian tech startups Polar Mobile and TribeHR have already won kudos for efforts to engage their employees.

Both firms have made this year’s list of the 50 most engaged workplacesin Canada, compiled annually by the American organizationAchievers.(The group also releases an annual list of the 50 most engaged U.S.workplaces.)

The winning firms are listed alphabetically rather than ranked. Some ofthe other tech related companies on the Canadian list include RogersCommunications Inc. (for its customer support branch specifically),Siemens Canada, TeraGo Networks Inc., PEER 1 Hosting and NetSuiteCanada Inc.

Polar Mobile, led by CEO KunalGupta (above), has been named one of Canada’s 50 most engagedworkplaces.

According to the Achievers Web site, companies on the list must possessthe following attributes (or provide the following opportunities totheir workers) in order to be honoured: leadership, communication,culture, rewards and recognition, professional and personal growth,accountability and performance, vision and values, and corporate andsocial responsibility.  

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