TCL’s BlackBerry KeyOne Bronze Edition is more than a change in colour

TCL’s BlackBerry KeyOne family is growing yet again, this time with a Bronze Edition.

If you’ve picked up the original BlackBerry KeyOne or the Black Edition, you’ll be familiar with the new Bronze Edition. On the surface level it is nearly identical to its predecessors, just this time it has a bronze body and bronze colour accents on the chassis, power button, and volume key.

Internally, the KeyOne Bronze Edition is equipped with the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of internal storage, and 3,505 mAh battery.

But similar to how TCL fixed manufacturing problems with the Black Edition and gave it a bit of a RAM boost over the original KeyOne, TCL included new dual-SIM support in the Bronze Edition. This is ideal for business users who travel internationally often, and would allow potential Canadian users who are often in the U.S. to slip a U.S. SIM inside alongside their Canadian SIM.

As of the announcement, TCL has yet to reveal the BlackBerry KeyOne Bronze Edition’s price or availability. Similar to the announcement of the BlackBerry Motion, no Canadian availability has been revealed, but considering every TCL BlackBerry device has made its way to Canada in a timely manner so far, expect the same with the Bronze Edition.

TCL was busy with its BlackBerry devices in 2017. We loved the BlackBerry KeyOne, naming it one of our Top 5 Business Smartphones of 2017. We also reviewed the BlackBerry KeyOne Black Edition and the BlackBerry Motion, its keyboardless counterpart.