A condo builder has launched a new mobile app, allowing potential buyers to scout out a new place – and they can walk on to the property and envision what the development will look like, before it’s even built.

Based in Calgary, Jayman Modus builds townhomes that will house more than one family, as well as condominiums. Its new app, the Modus Matrix, allows users to take a 3D virtual tour of a townhome or condo before it’s built. It’s compatible with the iPhone 5, the iPad Mini, and iPad 2 and newer.

The app taps into augmented reality technology to create models, giving its users the chance to see architectural details, landscaping, and whatever other details using their smartphones or tablets. Its geo-location tool allows them to walk onto the property, see the community around it, and then have the app visualize how the new development might look within that area. Basically, this replaces whatever printed brochures, floor plans, and videos that salespeople might have used to show off a new home.

Jayman Modus has also added touchscreens inside its sales centre, allowing potential buyers to see availability and vacancy for townhomes and condo units in real time. Viewers can also get social media updates, access to a library of details about the products and the company, and a feature where information can get sent to them via email or text message. And if viewers want to know how much it will cost them to move into a Jayman Modus home, there’s a handy built-in mortgage calculator to help them figure out their qualifying income.

In a city like Toronto, where condos are springing up quicker than you can say “multiplex development,” it’s easy to see a digital marketing play like this may catch on among other developers – especially when a development hasn’t been built yet and users need to imagine what their new home might look like.
And given millennials are typically among the demographics that buy townhomes and condos, it may make sense for housing developers to turn more to digital channels to sell their products.

Check out the video below to see the app in action.

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