Security firm Symantec has some intriguing research up its sleeve so it can stay one step ahead of the latest hacking trends in social media and mobile apps.

According to our source story from Network World, Symantec is giving asneak peek at what its researchers are cooking up at its cybersecuritylabs in those two sectors. For example, Symantec teams are working onadding social networking into role-based access control (RBAC) systems.Such systems already control access to sensitive data by assigningpermission to certain people within a company or organization. ButSymantec is looking at how to create a “social network graphic” toalert IT managers to user patterns within social networks, includinginternal ones created and maintained by companies themselves.

On the mobile app front, Symantec is taking a stab at better tools tospot malicious apps based on what they’re actually designed to do – notjust what they declare they do.

IT users are flocking to mobileapps and social networks – and so are cybercriminals. (Photo: Shutterstock

“The project seeks to do a run-time analysis of apps in an emulator tocheck not only for vulnerabilities or malware but also the ‘gray area’where apps behave in what might be an undesirable way, such as trackingthe user or other insidious behaviors,” the story notes.

Source | NetworkWorld

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