The seventh annual worldwide conference for Java developers, JavaOne, started in San Francisco with Sun Microsystems declaring XML and Java irrevocably intertwined for the delivery of Web services, and promising to bring Web services to mobile devices. Sun also brought the Java programming language

closer to the world of open source, all the while making digs at its arch nemesis, Microsoft.

Full coverage of JavaOne 2002 will appear in the April 12 issue of Computing Canada.

JavaOne opens with embrace of XML
3/26/02 5:00:00 PM – Programming language vital to Web services, exec saysApache deal to bring Java to open source community
3/26/02 5:00:00 PM – Sun pledges tailored test compatability kits for future specifications

Web services migration to mobile devices tough: panel
3/26/02 5:00:00 PM – “”You have to start dealing with unreliable networks,”” IBM exec says


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