Artists are often criticized for going commercial, but for a Toronto-based service provider it’s a good thing.

Stream Intelligent Networks Corp. Wednesday announced it signed an agreement with Everest Broadband Networks Canada to supply high-speed access facilities to Everest’s commercial buildings in Toronto.

Stream connects buildings with fibre optic cable and provides whole sale data services to telephone and Internet companies and others. Everest, a business local exchange carrier, provides IP services to tenants.

Franco Lofranco, vice-president of business development at Stream, says his company will interconnect Everest’s buildings and provide services to their customers over its metropolitan area network. According to Everest Canada general manager Josh Kaufman its tenants are most small and medium-sized business and currently service about 20 buildings in Toronto. It also has tenants in Ottawa and Montreal.

Lofranco says Stream was chosen because its Ethernet network “will allow them great flexibility in what kinds of IP services they can deliver cost effectively to their tenants.”

Kaufman says the open-ended deal benefits Everest and its customers. It will be able to scale users’ bandwidth requirements at large increments, he says. “By having a partner that has a larger reach, you can now attend to, not necessarily just the bandwidth requirements of other customers, but also opens doors for other things like applications.”

One of those services could be IP over Ethernet.

“A lot of companies are talking about it, but few if any are delivering it. So ISP over Ethernet is going to be a really great service offering and why that’s really great is because the way we engineered the network they’ll have higher reliability and more cost effective pricing,” says Lofranco.

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