Startup’s crowdfunding campaign promises thought-controlled beer tap

A Toronto-based startup seeking crowdfunding to launch its next product is offering those who hand over enough cash a way to telepathically communicate with their iPhones and pour themselves a beer.

Interaxon Inc. specializes in thought-controlled computing and it’s recently unveiled its latest EEG sensing headband, Muse. Muse is designed to be put on like a visor and has four sensors that read your brain waves based on the electrical differential on the outside of your scalp. It then converts that into an output that works with your technology.

One of Muse’s first applications, the Integrated Brain Health system for iOS, will focus on helping you understand how your mind works and how to better control it. Outputs of your EEGs while you’re wearing Muse will show you if you’re in a focused state of mind, or if your mind is starting to wander. There’s also some basic games that users can play just using your thoughts.

Interaxon’s pitch video for Muse.

But Muse may appeal most to the DIY crowd. It comes with a software development kit and encourages owners to program their own uses for thought-controlled tech. The headband connects to other devices using Bluetooth.

Before you can rig your office or home up to resemble some sort of sci-fi future where your environment responds to your intentional thought whims, Interaxon has a crowdfunding campaign to complete. It is currently reached more than half of the funding it needs, with more than $84,000 of its $150,000 goal on Indiegogo. The campaign will last until the end of day on Dec. 7.

Contributors to the campaign have some interesting incentives in return for varying amounts of cash. Here’s a look at just a few of them:

$145 for The Early Bird: Your choice of a black or white Muse headband, with the brain fitness app and SDK included.

$275 For the headband and a shirt that has your brain’s EEG signature printed on it.

$8,500 for a thought-controlled beer tap. Yes, really. Interaxon is offering just three of these and is challenging you to try and pour the perfect pint using your thoughts alone.

Source | Indiegogo

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