Startup news roundup: March 26, 2012

Here’s a brief roundup of what’s making news today in the world of technology startups:

•    Crowdfunding is a step closer tobecoming legal in the United States now that the U.S. JOBS Act has beenpassed by the U.S. Senate. It opens up a new way for tech startupsthere to raise cash quickly, but some critics are worried that it willexpose investors to fraudulent financing schemes and flood social mediasites with pitches from fledgling entrepreneurs, as CNET blogger Paul Sloan points out. Here inCanada, the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance has voiced worriesthat Canadian startups will sufferwithout similar legislation north of the border.

•    Blogger Mark Evans writes in today’s Globe and Mailabout photo-sharing startup Floggia, launched in January by MiguelKudry, a Venezuelan native now living in Vancouver.

•    Next Montreal speaks to RubenFarrus, design director at two-year-old game developer Minority, aboutsome of the biggest challenges of getting an independent gaming startupoff the ground in Canada and the reaction to the firm’s first game,Papo & Yo.

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