Startup news round-up: June 4, 2012

Here’s the startup news making headlines today on other Web sites and blogs. Calgary connects with Silicon Valley, putting tech incubators to the test, and deadlines loom for aspiring FounderFuel applicants.

Incubator plugs into Calgary
Calgary is getting the Silicon Valley startup treatment courtesy oflocal venture capital firm Boast Capital. The Calgary VC house isteaming up with the Plug and Play Tech Center in the Valley to launch Startup Camp Canada.Tech startups can get US$25,000 in financing and a 10-week incubationprogram down south, followed by another incubation term here in Canadathis fall.

By Christine Dobby in Financial Post

Accelerator indicators
Are all tech incubators and accelerators created equal? With so many ofthem launching lately, it’s worth thinking about before spending yourtime, energy and (sometimes) money to apply for them. To help startupsweed through the tall grass of all these programs, Jesse Rodgers blogsabout the kinds ofmetrics they should use to measure the success of incubators,accelerators, and their graduate cohorts. The metrics aredesigned to measure “how they are performing besides the big publicrelations buzz around a company being funded,” Rodgers writes.

By Jesse Rodgers at Who You Calling a Jesse

FounderFuel fall deadline
If you’ve already used Rodgers’s metrics above to check on theeffectiveness of the FounderFuelprogram in Montreal and you like what you see, you betterhurry up and apply for its next cohort. The 12-week fall term, whichincludes initial seed funding of $20,000 to $25,000 per startup, is now acceptingapplications here.

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