Startup Canada picks the winner of its Canadian Mentorship Challenge

To mark Global Entrepreneurship Week, Startup Canada challenged Canadian entrepreneurs and businesses to mentor 10,000 Canadians. And now it’s naming the winner of its 2012 Canadian Mentorship Challenge.

The nod goes to British Columbia’s Women’s Enterprise Centre for its overall reach, impact and inspiration. The centre was founded in 1995 by the federal government as a business resource centre to assist women in starting and growing businesses in BC.

“One of the takeaways I got from this is that we’re going to have to host more events,” said Laurel Douglas, CEO of Women’s Enterprise Centre, in a statement. “There’s a pent up demand for mentoring. When we heard about this contest, we wanted to profile and acknowledge our dedicated volunteers who are really invested in helping each other.”

The centre has offices in Kelowna, Vancouver and Victoria, and supports more than 137,000 women business owners across the province, and also facilitates a network over 150 mentors.

Mentoring events were organized across the country (Source: Canadian Mentorship Challenge).

“Our mentor program is so well-established and so strong. We’ve been told by people that when they get approved to enter our mentoring program, it’s like winning the lottery – that’s how much they value our program,” Douglas said.

Events were organized across the country as part of the mentorship challenge, which ran Nov. 12th thru 18th.

Source | Canadian Mentorship Challenge

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