Square Inc. today launched its SDK (software development kit) for developers, enabling retailers to integrate it as a payment option.

The new in-app payment software allows retailers to process payments with Square through any consumer-facing mobile app.

App developers will now be able to use the SDK to embed Square’s payment system into Android, and iOS apps.

“The In-App Payments SDK provides a customizable payments flow that works with the most popular payment types,” stated the press release. Square further explained that developers can use the default version of the user experience or even “customize the entire experience to match the look and feel of their apps.”

Square is using the new software product to further grow its omnichannel payments platform and is touting itself as “the only provider with first-party products across online in-person and mobile app payments.”

The California-based company currently offers mobile and countertop point-of-sale (POS) readers and an online website for processing payments.

“With the introduction of in-app mobile payments to the Square platform, developers now have a complete, omnichannel payments solution for all their payment needs,” said Carl Perry, developer lead for Square in the release. “From software to hardware to services, Square offers a complete payments experience all in one cohesive open platform. Even better, developers and sellers can manage all their payments across in-store, mobile and online all in one place.”

According to the release the SDK offers more than just an in-app payments feature, it also allows retailers to view back-end reporting, which it says can help to better understand buyer behaviours.

Two years ago Square also introduced two first-of-their-kind POS services that allow Canadian retailers to save customer personal and credit card information (with permission, of course) to its payment platform.

Square’s payment system SDK launched on its website today and is available in Canada, U.S., Australia, U.K., and Japan.

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