Payment solutions vendor Square Inc. has announced the integration of its platform with Jobber, a business and customer management platform.

With the integration, Jobber customers will be able to connect their accounts with Square, allowing them to collect payment in the field and online and creating a unified payment process, instead of having to use a separate system for payment processing and transferring the data into Jobber.

Square, in the Canadian market since the fall of 2012, offers mobile payment processing solutions for small and medium-sized businesses and retailers. Its Square Reader plugs into a smartphone or tablet and allows businesses to accept credit card payments without an expensive merchant account.

Jobber was founded in Canada in 2011, and has developed a cloud-based platform and mobile app that helps business get organized, with tools for scheduling, invoicing and customer management.

“Jobber’s number one priority is to help pave a path to success for our customers. We do that in a lot of ways, and an undeniably critical one is getting paid for work,” said Sam Pillar, CEO and founder of Jobber, in a statement. “Square is an established leader in the payments space, with an excellent product and customer experience. Partnering with Square is a great step for us in continuing to bring our customers closer to their hard earned cash, and we’re really excited about it.”

Jobber will be available in the Square App Marketplace.
Jobber will be available in the Square App Marketplace.

Jobber is now available in the Square App Marketplace, and Square customers can use the solution to help with scheduling jobs, sending invoices and collecting payments.

Also this week, Square expanded its Square Cash payment system, which allows individuals to transfer money to another person using either an e-mail or the app, via a connected debit card. That’s being expanded to small businesses, artists and nonprofits. A business or individual can set up a payment page to accept payments.

Square Cash is not currently available in Canada, and a spokesperson confirmed there is no timeline available at this time for bringing the solution here.

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