Data Management
Sparx Systems creates global data spaces
Sparx Systems announced the release of its Model Driven Generator (MDG) Technology for Data Distribution Service (DDS).

DDS is a middleware standard for publish-subscribe communications needs. The standard provides control of Quality of Service parameters, such as reliability and delivery deadlines. DDS implementations are capable of processing high-volume, distributed data streams, often found in financial trade, telecommunications and military systems.

Tightly integrated into Enterprise Architect’s UML based modeling environment, MDG Technology for DDS provides both the modeling tools and code generation capability to rapidly design and build distributed data services based on the new DDS standard. MDG Technology for DDS specifically targets the RTI Data Distribution Service platform, provided by Real-Time Innovations Inc, in Java, C or C++.

Nightingale teams with Cissec

Cissec Corp. announced that is has entered into an exclusive strategic partnership withNightingale Informatix Corp., a healthcareapplication service provider (ASP) of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) andpractice management software, that will see Nightingale integrate Cissec’sPatient Care Monitor technology (“PCM”) into its “Nightingale On-Demand” EMRproduct suite.

PCM is a clinical management tool that enables physicians, clinics andhospitals to track patient progress through the clinical care pathway inreal-time, manage the entire process and measure patient wait time at anypoint in the system. In addition, PCM offers standardized workflow options andcreates patient timeline targets based on individual care requirements.

Physicians can use PCM to evaluate timelines on a patient-by-patientbasis, or across their entire patient base. PCM also provides administratorswith the ability to identify, monitor and correct suboptimal processes andresources within their facilities, thereby improving patient wait timemanagement.

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