Ottawa-based MediaMiser has released two new media monitoring and social media analysis products targeted at the small and medium-sized enterprise space — MediaMiser Snap and MediaMiser Team – to help companies learn more about what is relevant to their customers.

According to MediaMiser, Snap and Team will help marketing professionals at SMEs reduce the time, effort and complexity of monitoring digital news and social media sites. The interface uses advanced linguistics and textual analysis technology so users can train the system to capture only relevant content. A real time analysis is visually displayed and reports can be shared with stakeholders.

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“Smaller companies, membership bodies and non-profits often have small communications departments striving to meet big expectations with inadequate tools,” said MediaMiser CEO Brett Serjeantson, in a statement. “MediaMiser Snap and Team have been designed with simple workflows backed by intelligent technology, making monitoring and analysis of digital news and social media as easy as possible and leaving users with more time to focus on core programs.”

The applications are designed for groups of up to three users and aggregate data from digital news sources, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and blogs. Pricing starts at $495 monthly.

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  • Juliet C.

    Thanks for the post, Jeff. I think you’re right on point
    with your input on social media monitoring solutions for SME’s.

    I think you have covered some great social
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    media websites (including Asian platforms). I think the best thing about it is
    that their method of scoring ends in one aggregated score, which makes everything
    super clear and easy to understand. It’s really worth checking out! Anyway, the
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