Social media image size cheat sheet

Anyone that’s designed graphical branding for social media properties before knows the pain of precisely sizing images to fit properly into the different content panes.

If you’ve ever asked: What’s the size of that Facebook Page banner again? How big will this image be when it’s viewed in thumbnail again? What will my picture look like in the Twitter stream? Then you’ve likely gone to the trouble of scouring Web page source code or extracting images out of these sites and into Photoshop to see the proper dimensions. Well fret no longer, all you need to know has been distilled into one infographic.

‘Holy Grail’ of social media information shares this LunaMetrics infographic that is a sort of holy grail of social media knowledge for graphic designers. All the image sizes for current design standards on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest can be quickly referenced in one place. Not only will this save you time and keep your brand looking professional in the social space, but it might give you some tricky ideas about how to have fun with the design conventions on these sites.

Of course, this infographic is only good so long as these sites don’t change their design conventions. Then it’s back to the drawing board.

Scroll down to see the entire infographic, it’s a long one:

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