SmartDraw visual data tool adds cloud and mobile access

SmartDraw has introduced the 2013 version of its flagship product and it gives users greater ability to create, use and share visual graphics from anywhere.

SmartDraw 2013 creates illustrated graphics, diagrams, and othervisuals using real data. Now the company has added cloud capability soSmartDraw visuals can be shared with even non-SmartDraw users.

Screenshot from SmartDraw’s Website shows how users can choose options such as moving and sharinggraphics.

Mobile access is another added feature:  users can accesstheir presentations on mobile devices and even plug an iPhone or iPadinto a projector.

There’s also built-in task assignment, tracking and notification totake SmartDram from just a visual design tool to more of a businessprocess and planning tool. Plus, users can add links, notes andattachments to any SmartDraw visual.

Source | SmartDraw

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