Whether you’re a startup or simply a small business, marketing can be a challenge. You likely lack the resources to have a dedicated marketing professional on staff, or to have substantial budget dedicated to marketing activities. Yet getting the word out about your business can be critical to your startup surviving, or your small business becoming large.

Now a research director with Gartner, Jake Sorofman calls himself a “dyed in the wool startup guy” that has worked in a marketing capacity with a number of startups and, in a recent blog, he outlines some of the unique marketing challenges that a startup faces.

Among them? Essentially, the need to do big-company marketing on a small-company budget, and to get it done yesterday. You’re expected to move mountains, often by people without a sense of the challenges involved.

Sorofman shares six tips on how companies can market like a startup that are largely applicable to any small business. For more on each tip, click the link below.

  1. Develop a point of view
  2. Become a storyteller
  3. Produce prolifically
  4. Don’t scale too early
  5. Find opportunities for leverage
  6. Partner in threes

Source: How to Market Like a Startup

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