So you’ve crafted a great Facebook post this week that has gotten a lot of likes, and you’ve garnered a slew of retweets on your last tweet this morning. That’s great news – the only trouble is, how do you compare your Facebook and Twitter accounts and deem one as a better performer, over the other?

A U.S.-based social media measurement company has released a new tool to help marketers standardize the metrics they’re using in their social media campaigns, making it easier for them to gauge how well they’re actually doing.

On Tuesday, Simply Measured Inc., a Seattle, Wash.-based company, released its Cross Channel Social Performance Report. The goal of the report is to help marketers understand how they’re performing on seven networks – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Tumblr.

While it pulls together data from all of these sources, what sets the report apart is it tries to help marketers compare each network based on performance, even though each social network measures the value of tweets, likes, and so on differently.

“Each social network has its own very specific language and method of describing, measuring and classifying metrics,” said Kim Garst, CEO for Boom! Social, in a statement. She reviewed Simply Measured’s report system on her blog.

“How does a Facebook ‘Like’ measure against a Twitter retweet? What about Instagram engagement? And, most importantly, which type makes the biggest impact for my company? These are the questions Simply Measured is helping answer with the Cross Channel Social Performance report. It’s a complete snapshot of social media performance and helps users showcase and justify social media actions to company stakeholders quickly and easily.”

Judging by a sample provided on its website, Simply Measured has a series of dashboards depicting graphs showing total engagement over time, engagement based on a percentage of the audience, the types of content attracting the most attention (for example, photos, videos, or links), as well as keywords that are being monitored.

Seeing all of these graphs showing social networks side by side can help marketers figure out where they should focus their attention – which can be handy, considering how time-consuming it can be to create a great piece of social content.

Check out a demo of Simply Measured’s Cross Channel Social Performance Report here.

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