After launching Shopify Ping last year, Shopify Inc. has announced that merchants will now be able to manage and respond to any messages from Apple Business Chat directly from the Shopify Ping app.

Michael Perry says they hope this release will level the playing field for SMB’s. Credit: LinkedIn

Merchants were already able to do this with Facebook Messenger messaging but Shopify saw an opportunity to further enhance the reach of its messenger platform with this newest partnership, said Michael Perry, director of product at Shopify.

“The number one relationship an entrepreneur has is with their customers. Our integration with Apple Business Chat will uniquely allow our merchants to establish, maintain and communicate with their customers directly through Messages. Today, we are bringing all 800,000 of our merchants one step closer to their customers,” said Perry.

Perry said that for too long larger businesses have benefitted from Apple Business Chat, and they wanted to “level the playing field”.

“We feel that this is an incredibly important step forward for democratizing commerce. This is one of those products that we’re launching that levels the playing field. The fact that fortune 1000 companies have been using this and now we’re opening the doors for everyone is a big statement that we’re really excited about.”


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