Shopify's new Toronto office located at 620 King Street West. Credit: Shopify

Published: May 16th, 2019

Shopify Inc. is expanding its presence in Toronto, opening up a new office today at 620 King Street West as part of its plan to double its workforce in the city.

This will be its third office in the Toronto area, as it currently has offices at 80 Spadina Avenue and 420 Wellington Street West.

Shopify says this will create approximately 800 jobs by 2022; with a majority of the new positions focused around R&D jobs like designers, product managers, content strategists, engineers, and data analysts.

Amy Thibodeau, the director of UX for app and partner platform for Shopify, says the decision to further expand in Toronto as opposed to cities they have no current presence in, like Vancouver, was based on the experiences they have of the Toronto business landscape – which they found to be quite supportive of the tech industry – as well as Toronto’s reputation as a great place to live. She says that both of these elements will play a great role in attracting talent.

“We’ve been invested in Toronto for a long time. And what we found is that Toronto is just a great place to scale a company like Shopify. It’s got a thriving community of engineers, and designers, and entrepreneurs,” said Thibodeau. “And it’s also a really multicultural city, which is important to us because Shopify is currently used by over 800,000 merchants in about 175 different countries around the world. And so it’s really important that we be able to attract a workforce that’s representative of that kind of diversity. And then the other thing that we find about Toronto is that it’s a great place to live. And so it’s not just a great place to find talent, but it’s also a really good place to attract talent to.”

Shopify’s new Toronto office located at 620 King Street West. Credit: Shopify

Like the previous offices, the new office will contain a space for organizations in the community (with a focus on tech-related organizations) to put on events completely free of charge, which includes a stage, bleacher seating, and a video wall. Last year alone, its other offices helped put on more than 150 events, hosting more than 10,000 people over the year. Thibodeau said this was a no-brainer for Shopify and is a continuation of its mandate to engage the community.

“This is just part of our ongoing strategy… and this is just part of that continued commitment to the community. We want to be part of the community. We want the community to be able to access our space.”

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