sells for $13M

If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that sex sells.

It should come as no surprise, then, that the Web’s simplest sex-based domain name — — has just sold for a reported $13 million. Or, to put it in a rhyme, 13 million bucks for a synonym of … well, you know. The $13 million domain

A company from the Caribbean called Clover Holdings is behind the $13 million bid, according to the BBC. It’s not yet clear what Clover plans to do with the site (though I think we can all take a guess).

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To be sure, 13 million’s no small chunk of change, even in the high-stakes domain game. In fact, if the sale goes through — it still has to be approved by a court — the name stands to be one of the most expensive in the history of the World Wide InterWebs.

Get this, too: The last sale of is also among the grandest domain transactions of all time. Back in 2006, original owner (and founder) Gary Kremen sold the domain for $12 million. The company that bought it ended up declaring bankruptcy, leading us to where we are today. and other expensive domain names

So if is worth $13 million, what other domain names can fetch that kind of cash? According to some records, the current top dollar-grabber is A company called QuinStreet reportedly bought the domain for a cool $18 mil back in ’09. QuinStreet is also said to have forked over $16 million for that same year.

Other high-priced names, according to industry magazine Domain Name Journal (as reported by ABC News):

  • $9.99 million
  • $9.5 million
  • $7.5 million
  • $5.5 million
  • $5.1 million
  • $3 million
  • $3 million

  • $2.75 million
  • $2.1 million
  • $1.8 million

Man — if we could only find a way to combine a bunch of these into one mega-spectacular super-domain, we’d have a billion dollar idea on our hands.

Wait! I’ve got it:

Big money, here I come.

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