Sequentia puts the Squeeze on content marketing

Toronto-based Sequentia Inc. has launched a new content marketing analytics and metrics Web-based suite, the firm announced yesterday.

Squeeze promises real time mapping and tracking of user interactions with content across multiple digital channels including Twitter, Facebook, Web sites, and e-mail newsletters. Calling it a content marketing measurement platform, Sequentia says the new product is aimed at making it easier for marketers to see what activities are effective, and which ones need more attention.

Squeeze delivers real-time data on content marketing. (Source: Squeeze)

Squeeze offers free entry-level service. One feature helps users determine when the optimum time to deploy content is – both what day of week and what time of day is most likely to elicit the best response. Data on interactions is delivered in real-time, so marketers can see reports on their campaigns, individual content items, or channels for up to the past 30 days. That data can also be exported.

Content tags in Squeeze helps users get a grip on determining what content is most effective. A dashboard also helps users distribute their content by sharing a URL across social channels such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.

Source | Squeeze

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