See a picture of clothing, click to find where to buy it

See a picture of someone wearing an item of clothing that you’ve just got to have? Well, as long as the picture is on Pintrest, it’s woman’s clothing, and you’re browsing with Chrome, can help you out.

The Toronto-based startup has just debuted its comparative shopping tool with a soft launch. The Google Chrome extension allows a browser to click on an item of clothing and find out where it, or something similar, can be purchased.

Right now, the tool is a little limited – only women’s clothes, and only on Pintrest. The company plans to add men’s clothing soon, as well as a localization component to help users find local shops that carry that dress they’ve got their eyes on.

Hovr’ing for a new dress.

It’s an interesting combination of comparative and image-based search, and with the e-commerce component there would seem to be potential for to have a reasonable monetizarion model. It also brings us one step closer to that long-forecasted (feared?) world where everything is a commercial, and we can click a button on our remote control to buy that gadget we just saw in a sitcom.

Product integration 2.0, here we come.

Source | Toronto Standard

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