A U.S.-based payment processor is landing in Canada, as well as in about 24 other countries around the world. On Wednesday, SecureNet Payment Systems announced it was making its foray into the north, aiming to give merchants of all sizes the option to accept payments in 130 different currencies, across 25 countries.

Headquartered in Texas, SecureNet is looking to launch a global system around its PayOS platform. Aside from Canada, the company is looking to expand its system into the member countries of the European Union, Australia, and the U.K.

With the company making its service available in Canada, businesses here will be able to get access to the same solutions U.S. customers are already using. That includes an omnichannel merchant account, a payment gateway, recurring billing, a secure place for credit card data, an inventory management system, and data analytics so merchants can track their performance. There are also a host of security features in place, like tokenization, end-to-end encryption, and tools for fraud management, and SecureNet’s cloud-based platform allows developers to be able to integrate its service into their apps and e-commerce sites.

“The international market provides a massive opportunity as global distribution platforms have essentially eliminated the barriers to international shopping,” said Brent Warrington, CEO of SecureNet, in a statement.

“We are taking the complexity out of international payments for merchants and giving them the ability to not only accept payments, but to manage and sync inventory across borders and make smarter business decisions based on rich insights.”

SecureNet is not the only payment processing game in town, though. In Canada, there are already a number of payment processors, including Moneris, Intuit, and Payfirma, and of course it’s impossible to forgo mentioning PayPal. Then there are the well-known, well-established players like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, all of which have online tools.

But given SecureNet is aiming to entrench itself internationally, and not just in Canada, there may be some room for it to grow in the payments space.

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